About us

History and selection methods

In our family we have always owned and loved any kind of animal: dogs, horses, cats.

In 1995 I finally had the chance to buy a dog for my own: I was oriented towards a molossoid subject, but after reading some interview I decided for the Amstaff.

The quality of subjects in those years in Italy was quite poor. I bought a puppy, but, as it often happens to unexperienced people, that choice was wrong.

I began to read everything I found about Amstaff, but it is expecially thanks to many trvaels to the United States that I have been able to deepen the race knowledge and the real breeding methods.

I bought my real first Amstaff from the american breeder Marsha Wood and I began to be inspired by this american blood line.

Our first puppies were born in 1998.

In a few years, our subjects have been noticed both in Italy and outside, getting high level results. Nowadays I follow the breeding with my wife Maja.

According to us, the Amstaff is a sort of perfect dog, able to engage himself in every kind of action, from agility dog to hunting, from pet therapy to the the attack and defend training.

Our breeding criterium is a serious linebreeding work, when we cannot shrink anymore we turn to outcross, searching for a kind of dog that can help us to fit the gaps, to get back to work in consanguinity.

To work in this way, we need real excellent dogs, without genetic limitations.

One thing that makes us really proud is that in these years of selections we have been able to create an own bloodline, both from a behaviour and morphological point of view.

Our ideal Amstaff is a powerful dog with strong bones, but also agile and classy; while moving must act as an athlete, it must have a right personality, reliable in every situation.


We let our cubs to socialize since their first months of life, before giving a puppy to the future owner, after ears’ cutting, basic vaccinations and unworming, we let it to take some life lesson, expecially if it has a strong personality. We put it in a box with adult subjects, where it learns it is not the strongest one.

We often bring the puppies walking with other dogs beside mother and brothers, so that they can get familiar with external subjects, learn to play with them and to recognize the smell, so that when it will go walking with its new family the puppy will be used to live with other subject of its species.

Our production is requested both in Italy and outside, such as our stallions are used by the most important breeders.

We are also almighty happy because many people started breeding by means of subjects coming from our breed.