Behaviour of the American Staffordshire Terrier

Amstaff is a molossoid that has not only this chunk’s structure, but also all the molossoid behaviour : it is faithful to its owner, it is always wakeful in front of everything sorrounding it, but it is also a terrier, therefore an active dog. It is a kind of dog that joins really well the family life.

Amstaff is a kind of dog that indiscriminately loves all the family. It loves children in an incredible way, the A.K.C. itself acknowledges this race as a children congenial dog. Some Amstaff may result as aggressive towards other dogs; it should be a task of the owner, and still before of the breeder, to educate it so that this doesn’t happen.

Males are usually corkier than females, that get much more used to the house life. Amstaff is a dog that may give great gratification to its owner.