American Staffordshire Terrier standard

General look: it must give the idea of great power compared to its size, well built, muscly, and at the same time agile and classy, really of its sorrounding.

It must be massive, not tall on the legs nor thin in the outlines. It is strongly brave.

Head: middle length, deep. Large cranium, strong masseters, evident stop, ears towards high. Ears: better uncutted, but they can also be cutted. Uncutted ears must be short and brough at half-rose or erected. Pendulous ears are to be penalized. Ears: dark and rounded, low on cranium and well distanced. Eyelids never depigmented.

Face: middle length, rounded in the higher part, gets thinner under the eyes. Well defined jaws. The lower jaw must be strong and with a good bite. Adherent lips, regular, not falling. The upper teeth must strictly lean to the external part of the lower teeth. Tartufe must be black.

Neck: heavy, a bit arcuated, gets thinner going from shoulder to the back of cranium. No exceeding skin. Middle length.

Shoulder: strong and muscled with large and well bended blade-bones.

Back: quite short. Slightly degradating going from withers to the end of kidney with a slight, short curve from croup to the tail base. Kidney slightly retracted on the sides.

Body: well-hooped, backly deep ribs. Close between themselves. Well distanced front legs, in order to allow the thorax development. Large thorax.

Legs: the front ones must be straight, with large and round bone, stright metacarpus, no signs of curving. Back must be well muscled with low gambrels, not oriented neither inwards nor outwards. Middle feet, well arcued. Walk must be elastic, without tending to lurching or ambio.

Mantle: short, compact, hard when touched, bright.

Colour: may be of any homogenous tint, brindled or with two colours, one of which must be white. Pure white, white more than 80%, seadog black and liver-colour are not to be encouraged.

Size: proportional height and weight. The ideal withers height is 18-19 ins. (46-48 cm.) for males and 17-18 ins. (43-46 cm.) for females.

Defects: depigmented tartufe, light or pink eyes, long or badly kept tail, prognatism and enognatism are to be penalized.